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black surface worktops
Black Is Back In Kitchens

It will add a contemporary look to your kitchen

Adding black worktop will make your kitchen look modern and elegant. Black quartz is an excellent choice for kitchen worktops with which you just can't go wrong with. It is a timeless option, whose beauty will not fade over time.

Black or white marble

These two contrasting colours can look sleek and stylish in any kitchen. Monochrome tends to complement other colours in your kitchen, so if you want your fridge to be a red pop of colour or stick to traditional wooden cabinets, marble will look great. Black and white marble worktops are both unique and have their own benefits when utilised in your kitchen.

Black Marble Worktop

Many people believe that black is too intense for a kitchen, but when combined with other choice colours it looks great. A black marble worktop makes a statement and is truly unique. The obvious benefit of having any dark colour is that stains are easily hidden. There is a danger that black can make the room feel dim, but with the right colour scheme, it can make your kitchen feel cosy and comfortable. Be aware that marble is susceptible to scratches and nicks regardless of the shade.

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