Classic Calacatta - Silestone
Charcoal Soapstone - Dekton
Cardrona Polished - Classic
Calacatta Formosa Polished - elements
Calacatta Formosa Honed - elements
Black Beauty - Sensa
Bianco Calacatta - Silestone
Baltic - Dekton
Aurora Honed - babylon collection
Athena Polished Stone - babylon collecti
Apollo Polished - babylon collection
Artemus Polished - babylon collection
Aoraki Polished - Classic
Athena Honed - babylon collection
Iconic Black - Silestone
Ice Blue - Sensa
Glacial Blue Sensa
Golden Bay Honed - Classic
Franz Josef Polished - Classic
Fox Glacier Polished - Classic
Fossil Dekton
Finelli Polished - Elements
Feroe - Dekton
Et Serena - Nekton
Et Noir - Silestone
Et Marquina - Silestone
Et Marfil - Silestone
Et Emperador - Silestone
Et Emperador - double pic - Silestone
Desert Silver - Silestone
Desert Silver  - Double Pic - Silestone.
Coronet Peak Polished  - XXL
Corinthian Polished Stone - babylon coll
Colonnata Polished - Elements
Classic Calacatta Kitchen Splashback - S
Nilium - Nekton
Negro Tebas - Silestone
Nayla = Tekdon
Millbrook Honed - Classic
Miami White Dekton
McKenzie Basin Polished - Classic
Liquid Sky - Dekton
Laurent - Sensa
Korso - Dekton
Khalo - Dekton
Indian Black - Sensa
Turoa - XXL
Treble Cone - XXL
Zeus Polished - babylon collection
Tongariro Polished - Classic
Statuario Venato Polished - elements
Statuario Venato Leather - elements
Stone wholesale slabs
Stone Wholesale slabs 2
Rem - Dekton
Romulus Polished - babylon collection
Radium Dekton
Pukekawa Polished - Classic
Pukekawa Honed - classic
Porters Pass - XXL
Piha Polished - classic
Pietra Grey Polished - Elements
Pearl Jasmine - Silestone
Papamoa Polished - classic
Orix dekton
Orinoco - Sensa
Opera = Nekton
Kitchen Benchtop Colours Options
Marble Surface

Benchtop Colours & Designs

It can be very challenging to decide on the colour, design and finish of a new kitchen benchtop or countertop. It surprisingly doesn't help much more by going to a showroom as it's not the same experience as being in your own home.


That's why we bring the samples to you. The allows you to compare against the existing colour of the kitchen walls, cabinets, splashbacks, tiling and floors. We think it's the best way to choose a kitchen benchtop, sink and tap