5 tips for getting a fair price from a local tradie in Auckland

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

As anyone who has ever required the services of a tradesperson will know, finding a reliable tradesman at an affordable price can be hard work, particularly if you haven’t required their services before.

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And while most tradespeople in New Zealand and Auckland are honest professionals, there are always the small few that aren’t above trying to rip off their customers.

Fortunately, Benchtop Installers Auckland, an dealer, has provided us with some top tips for ensuring you get a good price from a reliable tradie.

1. Check for registration and insurance

Kevin says that asking for a tradesperson’s registration or licence is a good way to establish their compliancy to local laws, rules and regulations, as registration is required in most regions of New Zealand and Auckland.

“Those with registration are generally much more reputable and can be trusted to give you a fair price. Once a licence has been established, the most important thing to check for is insurance, which is essential in order to cover yourself – you don’t want to be sued for any accidents that occur on your site!” says Kevin.

2. Check their reviews

Online reviews are the perfect place to get a feel for your tradesperson’s reliability, as most people will air their grievances with a service provider on platforms such as Google Reviews and Trust Pilot, says Kevin.

“If there is lots of negativity, it’s best to steer clear and look at someone else,” says Kevin.

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3. Get a quote in writing

“Written quotes are one of the most important aspects of ensuring you don’t get ripped off,” says Kevin. “If your tradie has only provided you with a verbal quote, it’s their word against yours in what the determined scope of work would be. Having a written quote will help avoid disputes down the track.”

Kevin explains that if your tradie doesn’t want to provide a written quote, take this as a major red flag and avoid working with them.

4. Avoid paying an hourly rate

Kevin explains that hourly rates can be a slippery slope for customers, as if there are additional staff on site, or the job takes longer than expected, the cost will quickly stack up and blow your budget.

“Ask for a fixed price for the job, this will help ensure there are no unwanted surprises when you get your final bill.”

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5. Don’t pay in cash

Last, but certainly not least, Kevin has a warning for those thinking about paying for their tradesman’s services in cash.

“Do not pay a tradie in cash, even if they try and tempt you with a discount, as there is no way for you to prove that you made the payment. This can affect the future warranty of the job, and you may end up having to pay again for any issues that arise. Ensure your payment is in a method you can prove, if need be.”

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