Best Price Tiles In Auckland 2021

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

When it comes to refreshing a kitchen, it’s highly likely that tiles – particularly of the wall variety – will feature quite prominently thanks to their abundant aesthetic and functional properties. They look the business, they do the business (in that they’re easy to look after once installed) but for many people, the business of actually installing them gives them the fear. If that sounds like you then BIA can help along with new kitchen doors, kitchen handles, sinks, taps and much much more...

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We thought we'd help even further because get the best price tiles for a kitchen upgrade can be challenging. Below is a simple list of places to get you started.

Tile Space Outlet is the place to go for everything tiling, offering a huge range of clearance tiles at bargain prices and stocking a full range of tiling accessories.

Tile design is constantly evolving, with new releases from most of our major factories twice a year. In order to make room for these new ranges we must clear some of the existing tiles. They are all top quality, contemporary in style and available at amazing prices.

As the only tile company in New Zealand to gain Consumer Trusted Accreditation, you can rest assured you are dealing with a market leader that puts the consumer first.

A wide variety of tiles will give you all the best options for tiling your kitchen in 2021

They import directly from the finest tile manufactures from around the world to ensure you the best quality at the best price!

They generally don't always have the sharpest kitchen set pricing with kit kitchens but their tiles are of good quality and generally good prices.

For your new kitchen upgrade, contact the the team at Benchtop Installers and kitchens Auckland

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