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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

With the housing market in a real boom this year, we are in an amazing time that allows us to feel confident with investing in the upkeep of our properties This should lead to the growth of your asset portfolio or just increase the value of your home to really enjoy your hard earned sacrifices.

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Now is not the time to take the foot of the the gas as there are lots of cost effective ways to increase the property value through home maintenance.

Add A Decking

Whether it's a small decking to the rear or the front of the property, it will create the feeling that every home buyer wants and that is to be outdoors and enjoying New Zealand... evens if its at your own doorstep.

If you have a raised property, it may be worth exploring a wrap around decking with multiple access points to the home (sliding screen doors work best). This will add amazing value, especially if you have the views to really sell it and enjoy it.

It's moving into BBQ season too and everyone loves a glass of wine, music, great food and great company whether it's their own home or renting the property. Win win!

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Painting the property

Painting the roof is a great idea to not only give it more life expectancy, but also to bring it into 2021. The metal roofing that was last painted 20-30 years ago no longer has the protection needed to prevent screws from popping in the heat and leaks from occuring in the winter. If your roof is Green, Orange or Red.....get it assesed for maintainance and painted.

The modern colour/shade is grey. Dark grey is not a good idea as this will attract heat in the summer and will have a shorter life span. Light greys are the way to go and also have a very modern feel. Don't be afraid to remove the old TV aerial too if you only watch digital TV these days.

Painting the kitchen and bathroom. This is a job that some will attempt themselves. We don't recommend it. Get the pro's in. The will do it quickly and more importantly ... correctly.

When painting a kitchen or bathroom you are generally dealing with a lot of moisture in the air. You will need to have the walls and ceilings prepped properly in order to hold the paint. You will also need to source the correct paint finish as this can be disastrous if your just go for cheap and cheerful and end up with cheap and nasty.

Light natural colours are the way to go. If you want to add colour to the kitchen, consider adding the colour to the splashback. Bright colours here can really make your kitchen pop but can also be easily and cost effectively replaced if you have a change of heart.

Painting the hallways and bedrooms have the same logic as the kitchen and bathroom. Light neutral colour tones. A classic satin finish is enough of a statement in any home and keeps the cost down.

Exterior painting. You definitely want the pro's in for this. Temporary scaffolding, working at heights and lack of experience can all be a recipe to land you in hospital or worse....

When it comes to colour, shades are the popular fresh look in 2021. Greys of any shade, whites and dark colours resembling very dark browns and close to black. Most new builds have set colours under the covenants. This is shaping how home are looking in 2021 and even those that are not under a covenant are following suit.

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Painting the fence

This is generally something you can handle by yourself. The colour can be your choice. Best to decide based on the colour scheme of your property.

It can be labourios work, especially in the summer heat in Auckland, however no one would blame you for hiring in a pro to get it dont quickly and properly as it will need to be cleaned, sanded and two coats of paint or stain added at least.

Waterblasting your property

Again, get in the pro's.

I've seen it time and time again where the new waterblaster is purchased or hired and the person has no idea how powerful it is.

I've seen wood lifting from decking along with the newly added wood stain. I've seen paint lifted of the side of houses and don't even mention seeing people shoot themselves on the foot while wearing jandles resulting in a trip to the E.D. Ouch!

Waterblasting hired professionals do this day in day out.

This is a great way to freshen up the the house and give it a facelift it's badly needed. Concrete driveways look fantastic after they have been professionally cleaned.

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