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Demolish your old kitchen with kitchen demolition services in Auckland from just $740+GST!

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Understanding your kitchen renovation budget is key to a successful project, and a main part of that budget is the cost of kitchen demolition.

There are a few different ways to estimate how much your kitchen demolition will cost, and we'll go over them one-by-one.

Demolition costs involved with kitchen renovation

You can estimate how much your kitchen demolition will cost by 1) determining the work you need done, and 2) tallying up the average cost to do each job.

This allows a relatively accurate estimation for how much your kitchen demolition will cost, regardless of the amount of remodelling you plan to do.

For example, if you just want to replace the cabinets and countertop, expect to pay between $500 and $1,200 to have them removed.

If you plan on doing a complete kitchen gut and remodel, expect to pay between $740 and $1,690 for just the demolition.

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Hourly rates for kitchen demolition

Some contractors may choose to price the work based on the amount of time it takes them to get it done, rather than by the specific work they're doing.

On average, it takes between 10-20 man hours to completely gut a kitchen.

How long your kitchen demolition takes depends largely on the size of the kitchen and the types of materials involved.

If asbestos or lead is present, it needs to be carefully handled and disposed of properly, which takes time.

If any unforeseen complications arise, like hazardous materials, your timeline will be extended.

Let's look more closely at an example of how a company might charge by the hour for the work they do and how to determine if it's a good price.

Say you have a 10 ft. x 10 ft. kitchen you want completely gutted out...

The contractor informs you that they can have 2 workers on-site to perform the demolition—himself and one other worker—and that he predicts they can have the job completed within one day.

The contractor also tells you he charges $50/hour for interior demolition.

Knowing how long a complete kitchen gut-out typically takes (between 10 - 20 hours), and that there will be 2 workers handling the demolition, you can estimate that the work will be done within 8 hours or so.

From there, you can deduct that your kitchen demolition would cost around $800 if you hire this contractor. This is within the lower-end range for the average cost of kitchen demolition and would be a fair price.

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Choose the right kitchen demolition contractor

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information for your kitchen demolition, go to to find highly qualified local demolition contractors.

We generally recommend getting quotes from a minimum of 2 - 3 contractors, but the more contractors you get quotes from, the better.

Insider Tip: If possible, take advantage of contractors’ slow time of year—after the holidays but before the spring. Contractors may be willing to do the work for a more reasonable rate.

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