Kitchen Facelift: How to transform your kitchen for next to nothing

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

LOCKDOWN is giving many of us the chance to finally get round to doing up our homes. So if you're fed up of your boring kitchen, Express has some tips on how to transform the space on a budget.

Kitchens are an essential part of every home, whether you’re the next Jamie Oliver or still finding your way around an oven. But one sure fire way to encourage you to spend more time in the kitchen is a transformation make over. But updating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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It’s not all about ripping it out and start again.

Moving cupboards, changing the plumbing or upgrading your hardware can cost the big bucks, but its not the only way you’ll be able to upgrade your home.

In fact, there are plenty of ways you can upgraded your dreary kitchen for something a lot more pleasing on the eye, without splashing the cash.

So whether you’re after a country kitchen or a sleek, modern space. Kavanagh Kitchens Auckland has some top tips you can follow.

1. Cabinet Facelift

The easiest way to give your kitchen a makeover is a lick of paint.

You can instantly lighten up a gloomy and tired space by giving the walls and ceiling - or even the doors and windows - a touch up.

Try a bright neutral colour or white to lighten the space, or if you’re thinking of making a statement go dark - try an emerald green or royal blue for a really striking impression.

And while you’ve got your paintbrush out, there’s more to touch up than just your walls.

You can also re-paint or replace your kitchen cabinets, as long as they’re structurally sound but just have a hideous colour.

You can paint - or even replace - the doors, drawer fronts and hardware for a fraction of the cost to replace the entire unit.

Whether your cabinets are wood or laminate, you will be able to find a paint product to suit.

Resene paints suitable for wood, melamine and MDF cupboards, so contact the team to find out more.

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2. Worktop/ Counter top/ Bench top Transformation

If your worktop has seen better days, or you’re simply changing your colour scheme, you have several options.

You can replace your worktop – there are thousands of low-cost alternatives to choose from with Benchtop Installers Auckland.

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There’s plenty of designs to choose from online, from sleek oak to stylish white marble.

Simply measure the size, then let the team know any additional requirements.

3. Splashback and tile upgrade

Give your tiles a whole new look with tile paint, or self-adhesive stick-on tiles.

there are plenty of options available online, and DIY stores such as Bunnings, Mitre 10 and Carters offer a range of tile paint to suit all budgets and colour schemes.

Simply changing the colour of your grout is another suggestion.

If you have white tiles with white grout, maybe mix it up and go over the grout with a black grout pen for a refreshed new look.

Or add a splash-backs, which often come in glass or stainless steel, and are perfect for protecting kitchen walls.

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4. Modify your cabinets

If you’re ready to modify your cabinets, you'll need a team of professional experts to ensure you don't end up with a wonky kitchen or even create structural damage.

Modifying cabinets or doors can be a relatively quick process once you decide on the design colours and handles or even go handleless.

5. Replace hardware

One very affordable way to revamp your kitchen is by updating your hardware.

Changing the cabinet handles is a great way of doing this, and can quickly and easily make dated cabinets look new

Why not try some hand printed knobs, stainless steel pulls, or leather straps to give your kitchen a modern makeover.

Or even give them a lick of paint for a refreshed look.

Changing your taps is also a quick way of updated your kitchen’s look, without needing to replace a whole sink.

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6. Update your storage

We all have that one cupboard where everything gets dumped - form the past maker you were given on your last birthday, to the mixing bowl you use once a year and spare, mismatched plates you only get out if you’re having a lot of people round.

It’s amazing how much we accumulate over the years.

Set aside an hour or two to sort out these kitchen cupboards, throwing away anything you don’t use.

You can also use the time to clearing your worktops, and tidy things away - giving an instant improvement your kitchen, making it look clutter-free and clean.

This might also be the time to think up better storage solutions to suit you.

You could put up shelves and add hanging rails to make use of every available space

For further help getting started on your kitchen facelift contact the team at Benchtop Installers Auckland

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