Kitchen removal company in Auckland for you!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Remove your old kitchen. Have the removal of the kitchen anywhere in Auckland from just $740+GST!

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Kitchen removal company in Auckland none as Benchtop Installers Auckland are well known for professionalism and fantastic service along with performing kitchen removals and disposal.

When it comes to demolishing a kitchen or try to do a kitchen demo for the first time, a lot can go wrong.....quickly! Also, a lot of cost can be associated with disposing of an existing kitchen.

The BIA team can remove your kitchen in a day. We will dispose of your kitchen for you. Kitchen removal includes disconnecting your water and electricity safely. Inquire today for a free quote.

Kitchen removal starting from just $850 (Inc GST)!!!

Small kitchen removal approx. $850 (Inc GST)

Medium sized kitchen removal approx. $1050 (Inc GST)

Large kitchen removal approx. $1250 (Inc GST)

The BIA team can remove your kitchen and dispose of the refuge professionally. The prices above are approximates as kitchen sizes can vary greatly and the quotes are also location dependant

All new kitchens purchased and installed by BIA will include the cost of the kitchen removal throughout Auckland.

Contact us today for a free quote!

Take a pic of the kitchen and get a measure on the length and width of the room for a quote within 24 hours!

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