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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Should I sell my property now?

What can i expect to get for my property sale now?

Is the property market in a bubble?

How can i sell my house without paying large fees?

Should I renovate my property or just sell it as is?

How much profit can i make if I sell my house?

The list of questions everyone is asking is endless!

It's true that property prices have rocketed recently and appear to be holding firm. But, the burning thought going through every property owners mind is, do I sell now or do i continue to hold?

If you have decided to start going down the path of potentially selling your home then you will have to consider all of the actions that need to be taken to achieve your desired outcome.

A house with just over 900 square meters of land with a 1950's house just sold close to Glendowie this week for $2.5 million dollars! No matter how you look at it, the owner of that home made a huge profit and has probably moved out of Auckland to Christchurch and bought a brand new home with a hectare or two and retired comfortably on the cash left over. Who can say no to that?

The first thing we'll want to do is find out what the property is worth. That's were a valuer will come in handy.

Will updating the kitchen, bathroom and decking along with a splash of paint and new carpets increase the value? If so, how do we go about this?

Renovation companies with a variety of services is usually the best way to go as they can take care of everything. This usually keeps the cost down too! Have a realistic budget and know what you want in order to save time and align expectations on the project. Contact us today for a Kitchen renovation or removal quote!

The valuers are not only looking at your home but also checking the value of the neighbours property too. You can check this online at or

Expect to pay a local valuer anywhere from $350 - $850+GST.

The property report usually only takes 24-48 hrs.

For help with renovations on your property contact the team today

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