Replace your old kitchen doors with a makeover in Wellsford

With the economy in a position not seen before we are in a predicament that allows us to either travel locally or spend money on improving our houses with kitchen upgrades, new kitchen benchtops, new bathrooms and general home improvements.

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So the banks are also in a position to lend based on your home in Auckland now accruing a generous growth spirt.

How do I grow the value of my home?

Can I upgrade my kitchen and bathroom on a budget?

Who are the best cabinet makers in Auckland?

Can i just replace my kitchen doors and benchtops?

All questions that many home owners are asking. Especially if you have bought additional properties to grow the property portfolio.

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When it comes to doing a kitchen makeover, the main thing to establish is... does it have good bones? As in, is the internal carcass cabinetry still in good/relatively new condition?

The best kitchens that work well with just new doors and benchtops are those that are less than 20 years old. The reason for this is that these kitchen layouts haven't really changed much over the years and also that the integration of the new hardware will be relatively easy to transition.

Whether you are wanting to freshen up your kitchen with bright white kitchen doors and styles or you wish to modernise the look of the kitchen by replacing the laminate benchtops with beautiful square edge stone finishes, you will need a team of experts who are ready to project manage your kitchen renovations to ensure that you get the most from your investment.

Tip: Don't be a afraid to set a budget as this is going to be an asset, not a liability and will hopefully grow your investment and if you are living in the home will bring you years of joy and you will have a kitchen to be proud off.

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Is it cheaper just to replace the kitchen doors?

The short answer is yes. The cost is not only in the additional wood, but also in the manufacturing and labour costs associated with the assembly of the units.

Are flat pack kitchens from Bunnings, Mitre 10 or Placemakers well priced?

Again, the short answer is no. Usually kitchens in these retail stores are kit sets. They have very high premiums attached so they can make healthy margins. The price of the kitchens in the stores usually do not include the installation fees, removal of your old kitchen and will not include the quality accessories such as handles or even stone benchtops.

At BIA (Benchtop Installers Auckland) we work to realistic margins and do our part to ensure that every customer has the kitchen they deserve based on a budget to suit their home.

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