Stone Italian Worktops: A Class Apart

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Finding the best material for kitchen worktops can be a daunting task. With innovative and highly engineered material being introduced often in the market, why settle for the same old marble and quartz? Give your kitchen a luxurious makeover today and bring home Stone Italian worktops. These are new and innovative quartz surfaces distributed by Benchtop Installers Auckland Limited

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About Stone Italian Quartz

Stone Italian is a quartz manufacturing company based out of Verona, Italy. The innovative quartz surfaces produced by them are quite distinctive compared to other top manufacturers in the market. Benchtop Installers Auckland does not emulate natural stone products and instead ventures into developing something new and remarkable out of quartz surfaces.

Stone Italian quartz inspire architects, designers and decor enthusiasts around the globe for its aesthetic appeal and calibre.

Benchtop Installer Auckland with over 130 exquisite varieties of quartz. Each of them comes in diverse colour options. The quality and texture of the material manifests the best of Italian artwork. The collections are named Gloss, KStone, Metallico, Native, Jaipur, Kraken, Calacatta, Cartapiedra, ECollection, Cementino, Marmo, DNA Urbano and U-design. The versatility of the Benchtop Installers Auckland worktops makes it ideal for every kitchen and home needs.

Stone Italiana Quartz Features

● BIA worktops are highly durable.

● The material is heat resistant.

● BIA quartz is scratch proof and stain-free.

● The material comes in 14 different ranges.

● BIA worktops are available in different colours.

● These worktops require minimum maintenance.

● The non-porous surface of Benchtop Installers Auckland worktops makes it hygienic and safe.

● BIA quartz doesn't require any sealing even after years of usage.

Stone Italiana Worktops Care and Maintenance

Clean the surface of the worktop regularly with 'Stone Cleaner Spray' and warm water. To remove dried stains on the surface of the worktop, scrap the solid parts carefully with a knife and then rinse the surface with 'Stone Tile Cleaner.'

Keep it for ten minutes and then wipe it off with warm water. Pat the surface dry and then apply a thin layer of 'Jaipur Stone Protector.' Wait for 5 minutes and then gently rub the surface of BIA worktop until it shines. Do not use strong acidic or basic cleaners on the Stone surface. Also, avoid using abrasive detergents or tools to clean Stone worktops.

BIA Stone Quartz is the perfect addition to every modern home. Renovate your old kitchen worktop today and replace it with Benchtop Installers Auckland worktops. Also, find a diverse range of spectacular quartz worktops, marble worktops, and much more from our best repository of kitchen worktops online.

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