Granite, Laminate and Solid Surface Stone Benchtop Options
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Fantastic Range of Stone Kitchen Worktops

At  Benchtop Installers Auckland we have a fantastic range of stone worktops. Stone kitchen worktops are perhaps the most popular choice of kitchen worktop in NZ. They're durable, robust and come in a wide range of colours, textures and sizes.

Most people turn our granite kitchen worktops range when they think of stone worktops, 


Granite is a particularly sought after kitchen stone worktop due to its incredible durability, heat and moisture resistance. We have a massive range of colours, either as a block tone or incorporating natural characteristics such as veins of quartz, mica and feldspar trapped within.

Within our kitchen worktops range, you'll find the perfect work surface to meet the demands of your design!

Massive Savings on our Stone Worktops

There are many different stone worktops for you to choose from, such as granite, quartz and silestone and they are all here at Benchtop Installers Auckland. The wide choice of stone worktops at Benchtop Installers Auckland you can guarantee you'll find the perfect stone kitchen worktop for your kitchen design. Take our quartz kitchen worktop selection for example.

Like granite, our quartz worktops has a high heat tolerance and is also incredibly hygienic, as its non-porous surface prevents liquid from permeating, preventing the growth of bacteria.

Affordable Stone Worktops

Natural stone worktops from Silestone are a great example of a high quality stone kitchen worktop that will provide your kitchen with a stunning finishing touch that will stand the test of time. 

Silestone worktops have a high resistance to stains and acidity, allowing you to simply wipe up spills without worrying about your new worktop being damaged in any way. 

Like quartz, Silestone is a man-made product and, as such, comes in a huge variety of different colours, from warm neutral colours to vibrant pinks and greens. 

Popular Kitchen Benchtop Finished Edges
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