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White Suface Worktops

Marble Surface
Clean White Kitchen Benchtops

Designed with versatility in mind, these plain white worktops have a standard semi-gloss finish to complement a range of kitchen styles. An extremely cost-effective solution for your cooking space, these low maintenance white kitchen worktops are easy-to-clean and durable.

Contemporary style

White kitchen worktops are the perfect choice for a modern scheme. This pure, simple finish is ultra-versatile, as it can be teamed with an infinite combination of cabinetry and colour schemes. For a contemporary look, stick with a sophisticated palette of white then add a slick of graphite, teal or charcoal for a touch of drama. High gloss lacquered units work well with white kitchen worktops and have the added benefit of reflecting light around the room, which makes them a great choice for spaces with limited natural light.

Caesarstone has a wide selection of white quartz surfaces, which are ideal for enhancing a sleek, seamless scheme. From the marble veining of White Attica and Montblanc to the urban feel of Fresh Concrete, there’s something to suit every interior style. There’s also the Classico collection with its realistic granite effect, all of which offer durability, easy maintenance and resistance to stains, scratches and spills.

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